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三間房間 3 Rooms: Gallery


Libera Work-gang




The "Three Rooms" are rather three abstract spiritual spaces than physical ones. In two of the them, images of the lives of political prisoners between 1949 and 1987 are displayed. One gallery is dedicated to political prisoners coming from different provinces in China since 1945, and the other to local political prisoners of Taiwan. The lives, experiences, thoughts and feelings of the local and immigrant political prisoners are presented in first person through quotations from their memoirs, creative writing, correspondence, scripts and songs. Displayed along side is archived court's judgment files in bureaucratic, cold, heavy, verdict texts. The side-by-side display highlights the significant differences between poetic narrative by individuals and the official documentation. The manifestation of the political prisoners' personal life is a quiet counterattack against the official archives of White Terror.

The theme of the third room is the "New Life Correction Center Re-insurgency" that took place in 1954. An attempt is made to reconstruct the event according to the memories of those who had survived the event, including Je-De Chang and Jin-Mu Peng, and to build a critical dialogues with the studies since the 1990s on this case. As of today, the research on White Terror has given a relatively clear presentation of what the state did in managing the prison; while few discussion has addressed individual dissidents' political preferences and their political interactions with each other. Therefore, by presenting political prisoners' interpretation of the "Re-insurgency" in this project, the Libera Work-gang attempts to create room for imagining how the political prisoners' everyday life can be presented and how an exhibition in the memorial park can be curated.

Libera Work-gang was founded at the end of 2018 by a group of creative artists, researchers and laborers from all walks of life with the purpose of "comforting the forgotten spirits and revitalizing the souls of the contemporary people". Three Rooms is a demonstration of the teams' artistic declaration.

三間房間 3 Rooms: TeamMember
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