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綠島日光顯影工作坊 Green Island Cyanotype Workshop: Gallery


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06/30  1000-1200

07/14  1000-1200

08/25  1000-1200



Instructor: Phebea Shen (2019 Green Island Human Rights Arts Festival Co-Curator)

Venue: Green Island White Terror Memorial Park Auditorium


The instructor will take the participants on a tour exploring the exhibition, and whilst learning about the artworks, plants or other objects may be collected from the area. After returning to the auditorium, the instructor will show the participants how to create cyanotype images using the objects. Cyanotype, also known as sun printing, is a printing technique which uses sunlight as a developing or fixative agent. While waiting for the images to develop, elders from the Saturday session will also come to this workshop to share their stories and to talk and interact with the workshop participants about the images they have created.


  • 每場活動參與人數為20人(週六場將有白色恐怖長輩一同參與,長輩內含於人次)

  • 14歲以下需有一位家長陪同,親子兩人為一組,計算為一人次,領取材料一份

  • 每參與人次(組)領取一份材料,活動中請遵循講師解說,若因自身操作不當,導致材料毀損,請恕現場材料有限,無法補發

  • 顯影成像尺寸10x10cm(歡迎參與者自行攜帶物件)

  • 本活動長度約兩小時,參與者必須全程參與

  • 活動後敬請協助填寫回饋問卷


  1. Each workshop will have openings for 20 participants (some elders that have survived the White Terror will take part in the Saturday session and will count towards the openings available).   

  2. Participants under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult. The adult-child pair will take part in the workshop together and count as “one participant”, with one set of materials provided to each pair.

  3. One set of materials is provided to each participant/pair. Please follow the instructions provided by the instructor during the workshop. Extra materials will not be available onsite, and materials will not be re-issued in case of misuse by the participants. 

  4. The size of each cyanotype image is 10 x 10 cm (participants may bring other object(s) that they wish to use).

  5. Each workshop is approximately 2 hours long. Please stay for the entire session.

  6. Please help with filling out our questionnaire after each workshop. 

綠島日光顯影工作坊 Green Island Cyanotype Workshop: Programs
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