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神秘列車 Mystery Train: Gallery


Director: De-Chuen Wu
Papercraft artist: Jo-Han Cheng


This work inspired by Yao-Ming Gan’s novel Mystery Train depicts a full train not indicated on the timetable carrying tired handcuffed passengers. The train runs towards an unknown destination with the sound of handcuffs clicking and wheels turning on the railroad track. It enters a tunnel symbolizing a dark history before passing by mountains, coasts and islands in the memory and ginger lilies in the dream. The animation is based on papercraft works with connected graphic elements, symbolizing the complex and conflicting bonds between individuals and their families, society or national ideology. The bonds are as much an affectional umbilical cord as a restraint chain. The broken figures of the papercraft represent the disappearing passengers forced to board a mystery train during the White Terror. While the passengers shiver in the storm, their close relatives and friends are also affected, like the papercraft that can never be restored to its original state after the human figures break off. "Mystery Train" shows how individuals' lives were harmed by an act of state violence during the White Terror.

神秘列車 Mystery Train: Meet the Team
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