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說話與歌唱的練習 Singing and Speaking Exercises: Gallery
說話與歌唱的練習 Singing and Speaking Exercises: TeamMember


Wan-Shuen Tsai / Lysianassa Dauby




In this project, Wan-Shuen Tsai joined her eight-year-old daughter, Lysianassa Dauby, in learning about the history of the White Terror and listening to the songs sung by former political victims. Lysianassa picked and learned to sing the songs that she had feeling for, including "Rose Pericuinkle" written and composed by Uyongu Yatauyungana, "A Thousand Winds" adapted from a Native American poem, and "Unbreakable Legcuffs" written and composed by Li Kai-nan in his final days in the prison. The voice of the child's plain simple singing echoed softly in the once spine-chilling closed prison "Oasis Villa", leaving the songs reverberating between the towering thick walls. The emotions expressed in music can break cultural barriers and show a high degree of commonality. In addition, music itself does not occupy space. It is the art form that is the closest to the concept, and thus potentially the most free.

A number of local children from Green Island and Gong Guang Elementary Schools described their life on the Green Island. From what they shared appear the two faces of the Island today: for some of them, the ocean is their absolute motherland environment, while, in general, the family economic mode in a growing local tourist sector strongly impacts the children. The artist is curious about the unique perspective of the islander children... If the thinking and the pursuit of freedom is one of the most precious movements in the interaction between an individual's life and the environment, then how the next generation connects with the family and local land must be the first nurturing soil.

At first, the practice of speaking, based on the simplest elements of daily life.

The practice of singing, by looking back at the flow of notes.

Don't stop and find out more about the past again. Don't be afraid of taking a fresh possible path leading to freedom.

We would not be able to get closer to the blossom of life without repeated practices and faithful narratives.


With the participation of children from Ludao and Gongguan Elementary School.

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