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無,或就以沈醉為名 Stay That Way: Gallery


Bulareyaung Dance Company



“Stay That Way" premiered in 2017 while Indigenous Justice Classroom, a collective consisting of indigenous activists, was evicted by the police after their long-term protest against “Regulations for Demarcating Indigenous Traditional Territories”. The Bulareyaung Dance Company moved the stones hand-painted by the protesters on Ketagalan Boulevard to the theatre and arranged the protesters in the corner of the stage to demonstrate a focus on reality, self-reflection, and resistance to hegemony.

Established in 2014 by the choreographer Bulareyaung Pagarlava, the Bulareyaung Dance Company has always been committed to discovering the heritage of Taiwan’s indigenous culture and highlighting the living conditions of the indigenous people through unique body vocabularies and contemporary dance forms. The Bulareyaung Dance Company values the individuality of each dancer; however, just as with the spirit of traditional tribal music and dance, the relationship between the ethnic group and the individual is close, and all performances are a group dance. This new version of “Stay That Way” is tailored for the 2019 Green Island Human Rights Art Festival to shape a dancing narrative of “Visiting No.15 Liumagou” with the same gesture of stressing individuality while also emphasizing the collective.

無,或就以沈醉為名 Stay That Way: TeamMember
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