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70個人形捏塑練習 70 Exercises for modelling a human shape: Gallery


Wan-Shuen Tsai / Lysianassa Dauby


"Inspired by such a space full of slogans, expressed will to punish and discipline, and a place naming system irrelevant to the local cultural context, my child and I tried to create many silent human figures with clay mixed with soil from the Green Island," said Wan-Shuen Tsai. Slogans present everywhere in the memorial park were used by the authority as a means to demonstrate the "truth" in the myths of the state. The slogans were devised as haunting invisible gazes in order to punish and discipline by building an internalized self-monitoring mechanism in the individuals. One example written on a wall reads "Communism is a common misery; Independent Taiwan is a poison to Taiwan."

The political detainees on the Green Island came from across the political ideology spectrum. According toKua Ki-Hua's recount in "Taiwan as a Prison Island: Kua Ki-Hua's Memoirs", the local Taiwanese dissidents in the detention center were divided into two mutually opposing groups: independent democracy advocates and Communists; and the immigrant dissidents from the mainland were also divided into two groups: Kuomintang Nationalists and Communists, who jointly opposed the supporters of a democratic Taiwan. Obviously,  "Communism" and "Taiwan Independence" were two of the punishment targets of the authority at that time. In fact, the state will to power was not directed at confining individuals, but at preventing the multitude from forming new thoughts and opinions. "Communism" and "Taiwan Independence" were indeed two emerging multitude opinions different from the ideology of the authority. By using soil from the Green Island in this project, the mother-daughter artist pair attempt to close the gap with the disconnected local cultural context and explore more possibilities in multitude imaginations.


Thanks to Association of Nature and Culture in Taitung, Wang Wei-Jen, Tao-Qi Studio 

70個人形捏塑練習 70 Exercises for modelling a human shape: TeamMember
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