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須彌:挖洞即造山 Sumeru:Caving Is Orogeny: Gallery



Jun-Honn Kao


According to the cosmology of Buddhism, Jainism, and Hinduism, Sumeru is the highest sacred mountain and the center of the world. The universe of beings is made up with residence of immortals in the mountain and dwellings of human surrounding it. Similar to Sumeru, the Green Island, having witnessed wrecks from the Great Nautical Age, aboriginal genocide, settler colonialism and the White Terror, is also a place of beings. Inspired by Kai Tsao's mathematical poems about "0 and Hole," the artist recounts the gold mining legend and folktales of the Green Island through ancient shipwreck structure drawings, tunneling construction drawings, field interview records and reproduction of caving activities in "Sumeru." He attempts to explore human affections, futility of life and mystery of creation based on the concept of "caving is orogeny." Digging is a way of building Sumeru, a symbol of the redemption and sublimation of historical tragedies. The artist interprets the emptiness and infinity of life through the act of caving as if he takes the role of the "Zero Knight" in Tsao's poem, which goes "Zero is a hole in a circle./ A circle is finite, / infinite the zero is though." "Zero is the sum of infinity, / the mother of the universe, / from whose womb / everything is born."

須彌:挖洞即造山 Sumeru:Caving Is Orogeny: Meet the Team
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