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清 Clean Plan: Gallery


Hai-Ru Tsai




Hai-Ru Tsai created this large-scale outdoor landscape work "Clean Plan", as many former political detainees on the Green Island passed away, including the artist's father, as of 2019.  The artist said: "I hope that political victims and their families may write down their words of pain, regret, thoughts or remorse, on a piece of paper and insert it into the openings. Beneath the Chinese character "CLEAN", the papers will dissolve or disappear over time by the force of wind, rain, insects, ants or seeds. The character "CLEAN" is composed of the characters water, soil and moon and representing therefore, a stone of memory that soothes pains and gives hopes."

In the courtyard of the solitary confinement, a red chair is fixed to the ground facing the iron-made "CLEAN" and the main gate. The striking "red" color is meant to provoke thoughts. It is both a metaphor for communism and a symbol of violence and life. The chair being vacant suggests that it can be occupied by different persons. In other words, the message conveyed by the work varies depending on who is sitting on the chair.

"Whether imprisoned or not, for long or for short, as long as we are alive, we all need to face and deal with such challenges and scars in our lives," said the artist. "My family background and creative art activities drive me to turn the temporal and spatial association to imprisonment of the solitary confinement into a positive vision of possible freedom from it."

清 Clean Plan: TeamMember
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