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高俊宏   Jun-Honn KAO: Video



KAO Jun-Honn’s work focus on themes such as history, biopolitics, neoliberalism, community, peripheries, gentrification, and East Asia. His practice encompasses mediums such as art action, video art, conceptual art, commentary, and fiction. The selected work of The Taishin Arts Award, 〈The Ruin Image Crystal Project: 10 scenes〉, explores the depth of local history by personally being a resident at the site, and creating a facsimile through past local photos. Using photographic images and intertextuality, sketches on the wall or character performances shows forgotten and distorted ruins, which represents the changes and transfer of modern Taiwan from the colonial period to postcolonial. 

高俊宏   Jun-Honn KAO: Service
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