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林介文    Gieh-Wen LIN: Video




Gieh Wen Lin

Gieh Wen Lin (also known as Labay Eyong) obtained her master’s degree in ephemeral architecture and temporary space design from the School of Architecture at the Autonomous University of Barcelona in 2008. She specializes in mixed media art that combines weaving with metalwork and focuses on topics of diaspora, feminine issues, and self-identity. She also uses her art to explore and reflect on shifting values that have resulted from the interconnected impacts that spatial and temporal changes have on traditional culture and modern urban lifestyle. In 2011, she co-published the photography book, Tminun Pdsun, with Chen Ro-Hsuan, whom she has been good friends with since college.The book begins with a dusty wardrobe, showing textile patterns that reveal different delicate sentiments and memories of “bubu”, or grandmother. Through the camera lens, memories and clues are focused on, as the readers are pulled into a river of time to follow the patterns on the fabric and discover clues uncovered from memories. With every crisscrossing weave, a journey of searching is slowly opened up by the touch of the hand. In 2014, Lin was recognized with a Pulima Art Award for her art that transcends beyond medium and form and traverses freely between tradition and contemporaneity. In 2016, Lin co-created the public artwork, Elug Tminun, for the Xincheng Taroko Train Station with 30 Truku, Sediq, and Atayal tribal women weavers. The piece is woven with yarn recycled from unwanted sweaters, which weaves together the sentiments that those women hold for their homelands and also symbolizes a way back home.

林介文    Gieh-Wen LIN: Programs
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