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National Human Rights Museum





Academic Collection and Audio-Visual Services

National Human Rights Museum has a comprehensive collection of White Terror-related books, archives, research results and oral history AV records along with Human Rights Education Center and several reading rooms. The museum also organizes human rights related speeches and workshops.

Be in The Scene and See for Yourself

With help of interactive films, miniatures, and regular and special exhibitions, one can experience and witness political prisoners’ lives during the White Terror period in the original buildings. Free audio guides are available at the Tourist Service Center.

Real-Person Library Political Prisoners as Your Guides

Former political prisoners are invited to guide tourists through the scenes from those years. You can make a reservation to experience the real person accounts.

Our Mission Are

- Reflections on the Past: Learn the history of human rights violations.

- Lesson Learned: Never repeat Human rights violations and freedom deprivation.

- Looking Ahead: Support human rights issues, promote human rights ideals, and realize universal values to safeguard democracy and human rights.

國家人權博物館 NHRM: About Us
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