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蔡海如  Hai-Ru TSAI: Video





Born and based in Taipei, Hai-Ru Tsai holds over three decades of experience in art and has exhibited in both Taiwan and overseas. Founder of Haiton Art Center and a founding member of Shin Len Yuan Art Space, Tsai has also previously served as director of the Taiwan Women's Art Association and is active in the fields of art and multimedia design and also devoted in human resources education and training.

Tsai has always used art to reflect on her own experiences throughout different stages in life, including her feminine[d1]  experiences, self-perception, doubts, conundrums, and self-healing. She uses body, space, images, objects, and other installation methods to examine art and the purpose of life. 

After becoming a mother in 2003, Tsai’s art has transformed to connect with more complex social domains, and she has also begun creating participatory art that involves other women, seeking to use art to clarify and process any curiosities and injustices related to women’s roles as mother, daughter, and social caretaker. In 2008, she began examining historical recounts of various scales related to her father and her family, and it wasn’t until after 2013 that she was able to slowly process her family’s connection and historical memory with the period of White Terror in Taiwan. Tsai also curated an exhibition inviting the daughters of White Terror victims to come forward and collectively examine the experiences they had in their formative years. In 2019, Tsai created the installation work, Flower of Life, exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei, which is a part of “A Jail Beyond the Prison Walls” (untold stories by female family members of White Terror victims).  




including her role as a woman

including her gender experiences

蔡海如  Hai-Ru TSAI: Service
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