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他大約在1996年左右開始對聲響的訓練,研讀 Tape 音樂 (musique concrète in French),探索關於磁帶、類比合成及音響上的滿足。



b.1974 in France - living and working in Taiwan since 2007

His sound practice was initiated around 1996, studying tape music (musique concrète in French) : discovery of the physicality of the magnetic tape, vertigo-inducing analog synthesis and acousmatic pleasures.

However, it's outdoor that things really started. He began working with field recording since 1998, during a travel in a distant country, capturing fragments of environments, urban situations, animal signals and unusual acoustic phenomenas. Those are his favorite materials, sometimes published like they are as phonographies, or providing some montage elements for some audio documentaries or musical compositions.

On stage, he improvises mainly with recorded sounds, modular synthesizer and computer. Regular collaborations with other sound artists, contemporary dance (since 2007, produces soundtracks for Horse Dance Company in Taiwan) or in association with visual artists (such as the creations about landscape with Wan-Shuen Tsai). Experimenting the perception of acoustic spaces with sound installations. His activediscography includes personal compositions, documentations of performances, and selected phonographies.

Fascinated by ethnology and natural sciences, he often wanders into these domains in collaboration withnaturalists or during community-based projects in Taiwan in Hakka or aborigine villages. Plans for the next years include more exploration sessions of the island through artistic activities and sound documentation as well as teaching actions.

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