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風動草 Palm Grass: Gallery


Watan Uma



Watan Uma's own identity of Atayal and Hakka, both are minor ethnic groups in Taiwan, leads to a "hybrid" and "in-between" nature in him and probably an empathy for the marginalized and oppressed. Since he founded the performance art company "Water Field Tribe" in 2004, Watan has been engaging in reincarnation narrative of invisible subjects through physical movements as a performance artist.

With the opening performance "Palm Grass", Watan attempts to apply the live nature of performance art to inspire a dialogue of energy with the audience and stage a collective anti-violence exorcism ceremony. He uses the White Terror Memorial Park as stage, his body as medium, and a white translucent plastic stripe as a symbol of White Terror to stimulate the production of sensibility and convey messages through physical movements.

風動草 Palm Grass: TeamMember
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